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Icy Network Primary Web Application - Authentication and News

About Icy Network

Icy Network is a SSO (Single-Sign On) service provider - for communities. This application is used for authentication services such as OAuth2 in order to unite our websites with a single login and as a central news outlet for Icy Network services.



  1. Clone this repository and cd into it
  2. npm install - Get all the dependencies
  3. cp config.example.toml config.toml && $EDITOR config.toml - Copy the configuration (and edit it)
  4. npm run watch - Run the server and front-end watch task, which also starts the application in development mode

You can run the application in development mode using npm start -- -d if you do not need the watch tasks.


  1. npm run build - Build the front-end
  2. npm start - Start the application in production mode