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Automatic Spotify scrape

Looks for your local music files on Spotify and helps you create a playlist. This is useful for migrating your local music to Spotify. Your tracks need to have valid metadata (artist and title is the minimum)!.

Feel free to use as a callback url or put callback.html on your own server. It just prints query parameters to html. even if i wanted to i couldn't steal your code as i do not know your client secret.

  1. create Spotify app:
  2. npm i
  3. put your Spotify credentials in credentials.json following the example.
  4. node metasearcher /path/to/music/directory scan the directory for music files and create a spotify.json file from matches.
  5. node resultvisualizer create a html table from the spotify.json file. Select the tracks from the HTML file and press "Export selection"
  6. Put track-selection.json in this directory and run node composeplaylist create/add [playlist name/id] to put all of them into a playlist!

Next time you run resultvisualizer your previous selection will be automagically checked!