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A new powerful modpack for Minetest 5.0.0+!

I do not recommend using this modpack with technic, as this modpack aims to become an all new technology mod. However, compatibility might be added at a later date.

Depends on fluid_lib!

NB! This repository follows the fork by sirrobzeroone but not guaranteed to be 100% feature parity. Evert is the original developer of this mod and continues to work on it on and off again since August 2023.


Universal Electric Power API

How is this any different from technic I hear you asking? Well, first of all, I have eliminated the concept of "tiers" in the technic sense, as all types of machines will now be accepting any conduit. Machines can be upgraded for speed and efficiency.

Universal Fluid Transfer API

Exactly what it sounds like. Pipeworks failed to do this. Works with melterns!


Machines for doubling your ore output and helping you create more powerful materials.


Powered tools that you can simply recharge instead of crafting them again.


Farming automation machines: automatic planting and harvesting of crops.


Nuclear power. Both fission and fusion will (soon) be presented!